Joyce Lauw

Graduate Joyce Lauw
  • Studied: Vet Science
  • Now works as: A veterinarian in Singapore in a small animal private veterinary practice.

In her first year after graduating with a Bachelor of Veterinary Science, Joyce Lauw is now working in Singapore in a small animal private veterinary practice with ten veterinarians.

"I work with small animals, plus we see about 40% pocket pets - hamsters, guinea pigs, mice and rabbits - in our practice," said Joyce.

Coming from Singapore, Joyce naturally looked at job options in her home country after finishing her degree, finding her current job through an advertisement posted on the Singapore Veterinary Association website.

"I really enjoyed my studies at the University of Sydney and loved the Sydney lifestyle and culture. The six-week extramural placements that we did in third year were really interesting - it was a great experience going to farms and learning how things work. Fourth year out at Camden, where we had our large animal practical classes and surgery practical classes, were the most fun. Plus we were living on campus together at the lodges, where housemates began to feel like family," said Joyce.

"My final year rotations were the highlights of the degree for me - I met many people and learnt a lot from my rotations. I even did quite a number of exciting things that I had not expected to be able to do. Also the size of our intake was about 100 and it was nice knowing the people in your classes really well by the end of five years - it is quite a nice and warm feeling."

Joyce plans to continue to focus on small animal medicine, but may consider other veterinary areas in the future.

"I might decide to go into other types of veterinary work in the later part of my career when I have more experience and am financially stable. I'm definitely keeping an open mind to any opportunities that might come along my way in the future."