Welcome to LIDA Dogs, where you can explore the prevalence and nature of inherited disorders in common breeds of dog.

While acknowledging the major contribution made by dog breeders and dog-breeding organisations in fulfilling the important need of humans for animal companions, breeders and scientists have long been aware that all is not well in the world of companion-animal breeding. Welfare concerns associated with modern dog breeding have been discussed in the veterinary literature and the popular press. Most breeds have their characteristic list of inherited defects. Some of these defects occur at an unacceptably high frequency. Based on the premise that there is a dearth of feedback to breeders and current prevalence data for the profession, LIDA is designed to gather, collate and disseminate data on the prevalence of inherited disorders among Australian dogs.

The breed predispositions set out in LIDA relate to US dogs.
We will replace these with real-time Australian estimates as soon as possible.

Information on prevalence has been obtained from
Guide to congenital and heritable disorders in dogs (pdf)
published by The Humane Society Veterinary Medical Association
2100 L St NW Washington DC 20037 USA website

Much of the text for the entries in the LIDA database has been contributed by students of the Faculty of Veterinary Science at the University of Sydney, who kindly granted permission to use their work here.