Disorder - Hyperkinesis

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    Dogs with hyperkinesis are hyperactive.

Presenting Signs
    Inherited hyperkinesis is the result of a physical disorder rather than behavioural conditioning. Symptoms include a fast heartbeat, panting, salivation, decreased urination and failure to get used to everyday stimuli. These dogs will be very active and hard to train, especially to the 'stay' command. The symptoms worsen when the dog is confined to small areas such as a room or cage and the dog will often bark, chew or pace. The condition can be confirmed by a diagnostic test in which the dog's activity levels, pulse, respiration and salivation are noted before and after administration of an amphetamine (a type of drug). If the measurements are lowered after the drug is given, the dog is said to have hyperkinesis. One indication for testing a dog is the presence of several severe behavioural problems that are not usually seen together, such as a very submissive dog showing signs of dominance in some situations.


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