2015 Partners in Veterinary Education Conference


Students in front of the Roundhouse

Thursday 16 (Full day) and Friday 17 JULY (Half day)

Diagnostic Imaging has become an essential tool in our daily workup of clinical cases. The widespread use of digital radiography and modalities such as diagnostic ultrasound, which were once limited to specialist centres, are now available in most primary care practices. Although not as readily available as ultrasound, most practitioners in big cities have access to cross sectional modalities such as computed tomography and magnetic resonance.

The increased availability of imaging equipment has not only greatly enhanced our ability to diagnose and treat complicated cases but has also imposed on us the need to become more familiar with the principles of image formation and image interpretation. For this purpose we have put together a program that will cover general topics, such as the basic imaging principles of lesion localisation in the thorax, as well as more specific topics in both large and small animals.

Our presenters comprise an exciting group of imaging specialists with different interests and expertise. Dr. Sarah Puchalski from Circle Oak Equine in Northern California and Dr. Alex Young will share their passion in Equine diagnostic imaging while Dr. Mariano Makara and Dr Sarah Davis will talk about imaging in small animals. This program will make sure that you and your practice are getting the most out of diagnostic imaging for both small and large animals.

This is an invite only event. Invitations to be sent shortly.

Dr Peter Higgins
Preparatory Clinical Placements Programme Coordinator