Course Evaluations

All members of staff are committed to the welfare of students and we welcome feedback. We strive to treat all students fairly and to be as transparent as possible about our methods of administration and assessment. Your views and suggestions are invaluable to us, as they help us to improve the program for the benefit of yourself and other students. Feedback can be given in several ways:

Ongoing Feedback

Students are welcome to provide ongoing feedback over the phone or by email. If you would prefer to offer comments and complaints anonymously, you can do this via mail or in the anonymous feedback section on the eLearning (WebCT) forum, if you are studying online.

Unit of Study Evaluations

We also invite our students to give us regular written evaluations of all units of study. Feedback on the learning effectiveness, organisation and presentation of units of study is very useful in facilitating improvements in teaching and learning experiences for students. Voluntary evaluation surveys for each unit of study are conducted online by the Institute of Teaching and Learning (ITL) and your responses are anonymous.

Student Course Experience Questionnaires

This questionnaire, also conducted by ITL, aims to identify students' opinions of the program overall. It will evaluate areas in need of improvement in order to make the overall course experience better and meet the needs of students. The questionnaire is voluntary and confidential.

Residential Evaluations

Residential evaluation surveys are voluntary and anonymous. However we encourage students to provide feedback on the learning effectiveness, administrative support and organisation of the residential in order to make the residential experience more enjoyable and beneficial for all participating students and facilitators.