Biostatistics Refresher Course

Information about the Course

Who should enrol?
Class sizes are limited and potential participants will be prioritised in the following order:

  • New Postgraduate Coursework Students
  • Existing Postgraduate Coursework Students
  • PhD and other Postgraduate Students in the Sydney School of Veterinary Science
  • Staff in the Sydney School of Veterinary Science
  • Anyone else who is interested in the course.

What is involved?
Participants in the Biostatistics Refresher Course will be given access to an online classroom for the duration of the course, with facilitators, Dr Evelyn Hall, A/Prof Peter Thomson, and Dr Navneet Dhand to answer any questions that arise from self-directed study.

Participants do not need to have accessed an online classroom before - instructions and assistance will be provided. The online classroom is asynchronous, meaning you do not need to be online at the same time as the tutor.

When is it held?
The Biostatistics Refresher Course is delivered online in the period of January - February each year.
In 2017, the Biostatistics Refresher Course will be held from Monday 30th January to Friday 24th February.

How much will it cost?
The full course fee for the Biostatistics Refresher Course in 2017 is AUD$250. This includes full access to the online classroom.

How do I register for the online course immediately?
To register for the course immediately, simply click on Full Course Registration, select "Full course-$250", fill in your details and make your payment.

Can I just purchase a course package?
If you are unable to attend the course during the scheduled period of time, you can purchase the study guide materials for half the price at AUD$125 and work through the course notes on your own. Please note that purchasing the course notes alone does not grant you access to the online classroom. To immediately purchase the course package at half price, simply complete your details at this online link: Purchase Course Package. Ensure that your address details are sufficient as a course package will be mailed to you upon receiving the payment.

Is a textbook required?
Participants are required to purchase a textbook in addition to the study guide material. The textbook details are as follows:

Statistics for Veterinary and Animal Science
Petrie, A. and Watson. P.
Oxford, Blackwell

This textbook is available as a FREE electronic resource upon enrolment. Click HERE to access the book. You will require your unikey details to access the book.

Currently, the 3rd edition (2013) is being used. However, you are strongly encouraged to check online at the university's Co-Op Bookshop for the latest edition available.

For postgraduate coursework students, enrolment in the course will be confirmed upon receipt of payment.

Non postgraduate coursework students will be put on a waiting list and advised of whether there is a space in the class in early Dec – enrolment in the course will be confirmed upon receipt of payment.

How do I enrol?
To enrol in the biostatistics refresher course, or to be added to a future class waiting list, please contact the Academic Support Unit.

Do I need to take the Biostatistics Refresher Course?

Traditionally, the study of statistics is endured, rather than enjoyed, by undergraduate students - a fact that is sometimes regretted later, when its usefulness becomes more obvious. Even for many dedicated students, knowledge of statistics taken at undergraduate level can quickly be forgotten. As a result, we offer a refresher course in Biostatistics every February.

The course offers a valuable opportunity to catch up on knowledge that may seem distant now. The Biostatistics Refresher Course is taught by distinguished members of the Veterinary Faculty, A/Prof Peter Thomson, Associate Professor in Veterinary Biometry and Dr Evelyn Hall, Associate Lecturer in Veterinary Biostatistics.

For those who may be unsure whether they need to take the course, a quiz entitled Do I need to take the Biostatistics Refresher Course? is available.

Reminder - do not download the answers until you have completed the quiz!

The questions and answers to this quiz are available to download as separate pdf documents: