Enrolment Information


All local and international current students who are continuing their studies in the VPHMgt program in the next academic year must pre-enrol.
You will receive email notification about how to pre-enrol and the final date for pre-enrolling via the web. You can pre-enrol online at MyUni (myuni.usyd.edu.au/). You will need your UniKey login and password to access this facility.

Census Dates

The census date in each semester is the date by which any administrative matters must be finalised. The census dates are 31 March for the February semester and 31 August for the July semester.

For more information on census dates, please access the Important dates.

Transfer of Candidature

If you are enrolled in a Graduate Certificate or Graduate Diploma and wish to transfer your candidature, you can do so by submitting an Application to Transfer Candidature Form (below) to the Learner Support Coordinator by 31 August of each academic year, by:
Fax: +61 2 9351 3056
VPHMgt Program
Faculty of Veterinary Science
University of Sydney, NSW 2006 Australia

Credit for Previous Study

A candidate who, before admission to candidature, has spent time in graduate study and, within the previous three years, has completed coursework considered by the dean to be equivalent to units of study prescribed for the course, may receive credit of up to:

  • 6 credit points of the requirements of the Graduate Certificate in VPHMgt;
  • 9 credit points of the requirements of the Graduate Diploma in VPHMgt; or
  • 12 credit points of the requirements of the Masters in VPHMgt from within the articulated VPHMgt program.

How to Apply for Credit for Previous Study

If you wish to transfer from another university or gain credit for your previous study, you can apply for advanced standing or credit.

  1. Submit your application form for the postgraduate coursework program.
  2. Include certified copies of your academic transcripts (if you do not have these you can still lodge your application and forward them at a later date).
  3. Include a letter, written by yourself, stating that you would like advanced standing for the subjects you have already done at the other university.
  4. Include the following information about the courses you have studied:
  • Detailed course outlines including subject descriptions, methods of teaching and assessment, reading lists, number of hours of teaching, etc.
  • The academic level of the units studied (e.g. First Year, Second Year).
  • An explanation of the grading system used at your institution.
  • Information on the total units of study requirement (i.e. how many credit points are required) for the completion of the degree you were taking at the other university.