Course Fees and Scholarships

2014 Course Fees
The course fees per credit point (cp) are listed in the below table. Please note that all postgraduate coursework fees are reviewed and subject to change annually and that all fees are in Australian dollars.

Deferring fee payments via FEE-HELP is also available to Australian participants. For more information on FEE-HELP, please click here

 Type of Student  Fee per cp   Fee per 3 cp


Fee per 6 cp

 Local Student  AU$646  AU$1,937.50  AU$3,875
 International Offshore Student  AU$714.50  AU$2,144  AU$4,288

Course Requirements
A student needs to complete at least 24 credit points for a Graduate Certificate, 36 credit points for a Graduate Diploma and 48 credit points for a Masters (conditions apply) degree.

There are currently no scholarships available on a faculty level. However, the university may offer some options. If you are not an Australian citizen, you can visit this link for further information on international scholarship options: