Program Structure

We have two program streams: The Veterinary Public Health Management (VPHMgt) has management and leadership as a core component while the Veterinary Public Health (VPH) provides you more technical skills. Note that you will have to physically attend up to three on-campus residentials at Sydney for the VPHMgt program but there is no such requirement for the VPH. Thus VPHMgt would suit you if you require management and leadership skills and are able to attend residentials. On the other hand, VPH would be more suitable for you if you need more technical skills or are unable to attend residentials. See below for further information about residentials.

Management and Leadership Training Yes No
Need to attend residentials (up to 3 over the duration of the program) Yes  No

Both the VPHMgt and VPH offer three nested award courses at Graduate Certificate, Graduate Diploma and Masters levels. These courses have common core units of study to facilitate progression through the program and transfer of candidature from Graduate Certificate to Diploma or Masters levels. Please click here for further information about the progression guide for VPHMgt and VPH programs.

VPHMgt degree levels

3 nested degree levels of the Veterinary Public Health Management Program