Why study veterinary public health at Sydney?

Proven Track Record to Advance your Career
We have graduated more than 60 postgraduate students since the inception of the Veterinary Public Health Program in 2003. Many of our graduates have established themselves as leaders in their respective fields, true to the vision of the Program to train veterinary public health leaders. For further information about our alumni please click here.

Technical Skills to Manage Emerging Problems
With emerging infectious diseases and zoonoses occurring with increased frequency, there is a greater need for professionals with skills in epidemiology, risk analysis, surveillance, outbreak investigation and data analysis. Veterinary public health postgraduate training prepares you to meet these challenges. Here is a detailed information about the various units available for our students to select from.

Leadership Training along with Technical Training
Our Veterinary Public Health Management Program (VPHMgt) is unique, combining technical training with leadership, change management, policy development and project management to prepare graduates for animal health management careers in government, animal health industries, academia and consultancy. However, if you are interested in advancing only your technical skills, you can opt for our Veterinary Public Health (VPH) Program in which you can replace management units with technical units of study in zoonoses, food safety, animal health economics etc. We can also tailor the program to your requirements.

We understand that many postgraduate students have work and family pressures on their time. The flexible delivery of this program allows you to enrol in as few units of study as you need in order to make your study manageable. Students often take two years to complete Masters; however the full degree can be taken over three or four years if necessary. Please click here for further information about different progression options.

Online Mode of Delivery
Most of our units are delivered through distance education, which allows flexible integration of your studies with your professional and personal lives. In these units you will work in small groups and interact with your colleagues and your facilitator via an online classroom. There is no need to be online at a particular time - you can visit the classroom each week at times that suit you. The program was also awarded the prestigious Carrick Australian award for University teaching in 2006 for the development of an innovative, holistic curriculum and learning environment for postgraduate education in veterinary public health. Click here to obtain further information about our classrooms and our educational model.

World Class Facilitators
The Sydney University program is proud to be home to world class facilitators who are leaders in their own field. The online format of most of our units allows us to select the best teachers from around the world to facilitate our courses. Our facilitators not only have theoretical understanding of their own field but apply their skills on a routine basis to solve intricate animal and public health problems and are thus able to bring real life experience of problem-solving to the classroom. Please click here for further information about our facilitators.