Dr Mike Nunn

Mike Nunn

Research Program Manager (Animal Health)
Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research
Australian Government Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade

Email: Mike.Nunn@aciar.gov.au


Mike graduated in Veterinary Science from the University of Melbourne in 1975 but soon headed for the warmer climate of Papua New Guinea (PNG). He completed a Master of Science in tropical veterinary science at James Cook University of North Queensland in 1979, and returned to run PNG’s National Veterinary Laboratory. Mike completed a postgraduate diploma in management by distance education and was appointed as Director of animal and plant health and quarantine in PNG. While in PNG, he also completed studies for Membership of the Australian College of Veterinary Scientists and became a Member of the Australian Society for Microbiology.

Professional Experience and Awards

Mike is currently the Research Program Manager (Animal Health) in the Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research within the Australian Government Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. He moved to this position in July 2012 after working as the Principal Scientist (Animal Biosecurity) in DAFF.

Mike has continued in this role since then (under different job titles and through several reorganisations) except for about 15 months leading the Communications Section of the Bureau and a similar period providing scientific support to the ‘Nairn Review’ of Australia’s quarantine policy. He is a graduate of the Australian Rural Leadership Program and co-author of the ‘blue book’ (Exotic Animal Diseases: a field guide for Australian veterinarians).

In 2009, Mike received the Australian Veterinary Association President’s Award, which is awarded to ‘a veterinarian who makes an outstanding practical contribution to veterinary science or practice in Australia, especially during the preceding five years’. The award was for his work in promoting veterinary public health, animal health foresight, and communicating with industry and other stakeholders.

Mike has undertaken consultancies for a range of regional and international organisations. He has particular interests in agricultural research for development, the pathobiology of disease, epidemiology and veterinary public health (including the ecology of emerging infectious diseases and the management of emergency animal diseases), and the application of strategic foresight and futures approaches (especially risk communication, including risk perception and its implications for animal health policy).

Teaching Expertise

In 2013, Mike co-facilitated the VETS7015 Surveillance, Preparedness and Response unit of study alongside Sam Hamilton.