Research Excellence

Faculty of Veterinary staff have a wide spectrum of research expertise across a broad range of species. Faculty research income is drawn from a wide variety of sources, with the majority drawn from competitive government and industry grant-awarding bodies, both national and international. Major competitive funding sources include the Australian Research Council (ARC), The National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC), Meat & Livestock Australia, Australian Pork Ltd, Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation (RIRDC), Commonwealth Department of Foreign Affairs, Dairy Research and Development Corporation (DRDC), and the New South Wales Racing Research Fund Industry.

Industry collaborations have developed rapidly of late, either through contract research through companies such as Novogen, or through involvement of Faculty staff in ARC-LINKAGE projects with industry partners as diverse as Pfizer Pty Ltd, XY Inc (USA), various artificial breeding companies, and the Zoological Parks Board of NSW. Further, increasing involvement with Cooperative Research Centres has expanded research networks with commercial concerns, other Universities and state and national research organisations. Faculty has two active Research Foundations (Poultry and Dairy) that provide direct industry funding. Faculty has involvement in international research projects in, for example, China, Indonesia, Bhutan and the Philippines, where staff take a leading role in improving health and production of livestock as well as in training local scientists.

Many of our senior academics are internationally recognized and receive invitations to deliver plenary lectures and seminars worldwide and staff and postgraduate students have been honoured by a variety of research awards in recent times.