Scientific Community Service

Name  Award  Year 
Kathy Belov  NSW representative Genetics Society of Australasia;
Associate Investigator ARC Centre of Excellence for Kangaroo Genomics; Opossum, platypus and tammar wallaby genome sequencing consortium. 
Paul Canfield  Chairman of the John Williamson Research Fund, under the Koala Preservation Society of New South Wales Inc.   -
David Emery  SheepGenomics Program- Subprogram leader for Host resistance to Internal Parasites.  2004-2007 
Gareth Evans  Secretary General, International Congress on Animal Reproduction.  1996-present 
Chis Maxwell  Member of the International Standing Committee, International Congress on Animal Reproduction.    -
Merran Govendir Member of the Editorial Board of the Journal of Veterainry Pharmacology and Therapeutics 2016 -
Paul McGreevy  Founder member of the International Society for Equitation Science; Scientific Advisor, World Society for the Protection of Animals, and, RSPCA (Australia)    -
Chris Moran  Member Standing Committee Pig Gene Mapping of the Int Soc Animal Genetics   1996-2004 
Glenn Shea  Librarian, Australian Herpetological Society; Consultative Committee NSW National Parks & Wildlife Service Native Animal Keepers.   -
Imke Tammen  Technical Assessor Genetic Testing, National Association of Testing Authorities (Aust), Battens Australian Research Committee (BARC)  -
Rosanne Taylor  Australasian Veterinary Schools Accreditation Committee Reviewer  2005- 2008
Sanaa Zaki  Examiner (Anaesthesia) Aust College Veterinary Surgeons; RNSH Animal Care & Ethics Committee member.  
UTS Animal Care & Ethics Committee member.