Staff Awards

Name                                                      Award
Dr Christopher Grupen Chris has received an Australian Pork Limited Travel Award to attend the 9th International Conference on Pig Reproduction, being held in Olsztyn, Poland
Name                                                          Award 
Dr Neil Portman Neil was awarded funds from the "TJ Robiinson Travel Fellowship" to attend the Australian Society for Parasitology Annual Conference held in Launceston, Tasmania.
Dr Md Rafiqul Islam Rafiqul was awarded funds from the "TJ Robiinson Travel Fellowship" to attend the 15th Annual AAAP Animal Science Congress which was held in Thailand.
A/Prof Julia Beatty Awarded a Thompson Fellowship. The Thompson Fellowships aim to promote and enhance the careers of academic women. They are offered to academic and research-only women employed by the University of Sydney at levels C or D.
A/Prof Robyn Alders, AO Robyn was delighted to be a recipient of the USyd Wesley Foundation 2012 Medal for an Old Collegial Foundation Member who has made an extraordinary contribution to Wesley College and to society in their academic, professional, philanthropic, sporting or cultural lives in September 2012.  This award was mainly based on her international development and food security work in Sub-Saharan Africa and SE Asia.
Prof Paul McGreevy Paul was listed amongst the top 100 in "the Sydney morning Herald's 100 most Influential People of 2011"
Name  Award 

 Dr Joanna Pilton 

University of Sydney Award for Academic Excellence - Postgraduate Program in Veterinary Studies, Joanna acheived the Highest annual average mark in a Veterinary Studies Postgraduate Coursework Program

Dr Joanna Whitney, Dr Patricia Martin, A/Prof Julia Beatty and A/Prof Vanessa Barrs

 3rd prize, ACVSC abstract  awards (small animal medicine), Whitney JL, Martin P, Beatty JA, Barrs VR. Serum galactomannan detection – evaluation of a new diagnostic test for upper respiratory tract aspergillosis in cats [abstract 11]


 A/Prof Vanessa Barrs and A/Prof Julia Beatty

 2nd  prize, ACVSc abstract awards (small animal medicine), Wong A, Hisyam Teh H, Beatty JA, Barrs VR. Chronic kidney disease after I131treatment for feline hyperthyroidism: Risk factors for development and effect on survival [abstract 2]


A/Prof Heather Greenfield

Heather Greenfield was presented by Dr Ruth Charrondiere, Director of INFOODS, with the Nevin Scrimshaw Award from FAO-INFOODS, as “a recognised leader in food composition data and its importance worldwide”  Dr Nevin Scrimshaw was instrumental in setting up INFOODS in 1984, and was the first recipient of the Award in 2009. The First International Food Data Conference was organised by Heather Greenfield and Professor David Southgate in Sydney in 1993.


Prof Paul McGreevy

The 2011 Eureka Awards, Research and Innovation, Research that contributes to Animal Protection.  Hon Associate Professor David Evans, Dr Bidda Jones, Prof Paul McGreevy and Dr Andrew McLean.


A/Prof Kathy Belov

The 2011 Eureka Awards, Research and Innovation, Environmental Research, The Devils' Advocates,  Associate Professor Kathy Belov, Dr Menna Jones, Professor Hamish McCallum, Mrs Anne Maree Pearse and Associate Professor Greg Woods.

Dr Emily Wong

Emily is a finalist in the Australian Fresh Science Awards 2011.


Prof Peter Windsor

Awarded the 2011 Kesteven Medal in recognition of his distinguished contribution to international veterinary science including his remarkable career and achievements in livestock health, inherited disease, public health and international development. This award was inaugurated by the late Dr. KVL Kesteven and is a joint award of the Australian College of Veterinary Scientists and the Australian Veterinary.

Name  Award 
 A/Prof Paul McGreevy Paul was a finalist for the "21st Eureka Research & Innovation award" Research that contributes to Animal Protection – "Saving dogs from inherited disorders."
Prof Leo Jeffcott Appointed to the Chair of the National Veterinary Exam (NVE) Board of Examiners at the Australasian Veterinary Boards Council (AVBC).
Prof Michael Ward Received an International Science Linkages Academies program 2010-11 grant for his research into infectious disease.
Dr Vanessa Barrs 2011 Endevour Research Fellowship to undertake research in feline disease with Professor MJ Day at the University of Bristol. Vanessa will also be visiting the university of ulrecht for research  for research on fungal disease in cats.
Dr Kate Bosward  

Kate received the "Brown Fellowship for Research career development" in 2011.

Dr Navneet Dhand Navneet received an award for ‘Excellence in Online Facilitation in Postgraduate Coursework’
Name  Award 
Paul Mc Greevy Awarded the International Animal Welfare award from the British Society of Animal Science and RSPCA for innovation developments in animal welfare.
Paul Mc Greevy Ian Clunies Ross Memorial Award most prestigious award for research accomplishment.
Merran Govendir  Awarded a University of Sydney Thompson Fellowship for two semesters starting Semester 1, 2010 for her project, Investigation into the significance of biomarkers in koala blood, as detected by liquid chromatography, to identify infectious disease and response to treatment.
Vanessa Barrs  Awarded the Australian Small Animal Veterinary Association Distinguished Scientist Award. 
Kathy Belov  Recipient of one of the ARCs prestigious Future Fellowships for mid-career researchers. 
Kathy Belov Recieved Peoples Choice Award, at the 20th Australian Museum Eureka Prizes. 
David Phalen   Awarded the TJ Lafeber Avian Practitioner Award.
Paul McGreevy, Vanessa Barrs, Peter Thomson and Frank Nicholas  Won the inaugural Companion Animal Welfare Award from The Universities Federation for Animal Welfare (UFAW).
Matthew Izzo  Livestock Veterinary Services group at Camden successfully passed his memberships in Dairy Cattle Medicine.
Kath Briscoe  (Resident in Feline Medicine) ACVSc Science Week won first prize for the small animal medicine abstracts for her research study on Immunohistochemistry of low grade lymphoma in cats.
Richard Lam  (Resident in Diagnostic Imaging) ACVSc Science Week passed his radiology memberships.
Jo Whitney  (Anaesthesia Registrar) ACVSc Science Week passed her small animal medicine memberships. 
Chris Mather  (Practitioner in Residence) ACVSc Science Week passed his small animal medicine memberships. 
Chris Tan   (Resident in Surgery) ACVSc Science Week won the surgical abstract prize.  
Merran Govendir  Vice-Chancellors Award for Outstanding Teaching.
Paul Sheehy; Rosanne Taylor; Jacqui Norris; Mark Krockenberger; Peter Windsor; Paul McGreevy; Max Zuber; Damien McMonigal; Katrina Bosward; Vanessa Barrs; Sanaa Zaki; Sally Pope & others including past staff Gerard Marcus and Federico Costa  Vice-Chancellors Awards for Systems that Achieve Collective Excellence in Teaching and Learning.
Kathy Belov Sydney Universitys Thompson Fellowship. 
Paul McGreevy  BSAS/RSPCA Innovative Developments in Animal Welfare Award, Ian Clunies Ross Memorial Award. 
Name  Award 
Paul McGreevy  Australian Learning and Teaching Council (ALTC) citation; Vice Chancellors Award for Outstanding Teaching.
Vanessa Barrs  AVA Excellence in Teaching Award for 2007. 
Merran Govendir  Society Fellowship from the Higher Education Research and Development Society of Australasia Inc (HERDSA).
Imke Tammen, Kathy Belov, Denise Wigney, David Griffin & Helen Hughes  Grace Mary Mitchell Awards for teaching, research, research support and teaching support respectively. 
Name  Award 
John Baguley, Christine Hawke, Melanie Collier, Federico Costa and Susan Matthew  Carrick Institute Citation for Outstanding Contributions to Student Learning. 
Trish Holyoake  Australian Biosecurity CRC Knowledge Broker Award. 
Chis Maxwell  Urrbrae Award for outstanding contributions to the application of science to agriculture in Australia. 
Jacqui Norris  Student Representative Council award for Positive Contributions to Undergraduate Learning. 
Imke Tammen, Frank Nicholas, Merran Govendir and Peta Phillips (on behalf of PERTC)  Vice-Chancellors Award for Support of the Student Experience, received for Improving the postgraduate research student experience in the Faculty of Veterinary Science. 
Sanaa Zaki  Australian Veterinary Practitioner Student Essay prize. 
Previous Years
Name  Award  Year 
John Baguley, Federico Costa, Clare Fitzpatrick, Grahame Feletti, David Hodgson, Gerard Marcus, Robert Ratcliffe, Melanie Robson & Angelika Trube  Vice-Chancellors Award for Support of the Student Experience.  2004 
Katrina Bosward  National Pearson Education Uniserve Science Teaching Award, University of Sydney.  2006 
David Emery  SRC award for Positive Contributions to Undergraduate Learning.  2006 
Alison Gunn  Belle Bruce Reid Medal, University of Melbourne. 2006 
Damien Higgins  Barry Munday Recognition Award, Wildlife Disease Association, for significant contribution to the field of wildlife health in Australasia over the past five years.  2006 
Trish Holyoake  Belle Bruce Reid Medal, University of Melbourne.  2006 
Geraldine Hunt  Belle Bruce Reid Medal, University of Melbourne. 
ASAVA Distinguished Scientific Contribution Award.
Mark Krockenberger  National Pearson Education Uniserve Science Teaching Award, University of Sydney. 
Clunies Ross Memorial Award, Australian College of Veterinary Scientists & Grace Mary Mitchell Award for Early Career Researcher.
Anne Lehnert  Australian Kidney Foundation prize for best laboratory research.  1997 
Paul McGreevy  Co-winner Prince Laurent Animal Welfare Prize.  2001 
Frank Nicholas  Helen Newton Turner Award, distinguished contribution to Animal Genetics (AAABG).   2003 
Jacqui Norris  Carrick Institute Citation for Outstanding Contributions to Student Learning.
Grace Mary Mitchell Award for Outstanding Teaching. 
Vice Chancellors Award for Outstanding Teaching.
Sally Pope Grace Mary Mitchell Award for outstanding contribution to student learning. 2006
Paul Sheehy  Grace Mary Mitchell Award.  2006 
Rosanne Taylor  Finalist, National Teaching Awards, AUTC.
Vice Chancellors Award for Outstanding Teaching.
Pfizer Award for Excellence in Preclinical Veterinary Teaching & Grace Mary Mitchell Award for Service to the Faculty of Veterinary Science. 
Australian College of Veterinary Scientists Ian Clunies Ross Award for contributions to veterinary research.
Richard Whittington  Clunies Ross Medal, outstanding research contributions, Aust College Vet Scientists.  2002 
Sanaa Zaki  Hugh Gordon Award for Inspirational Clinical Teaching (Student Award). 
Dean’s Award for Excellence in Clinical Teaching (Faculty of Veterinary Science).