Important Dates

Local and international students have different processes to follow in order to apply for candidature and to apply for scholarships (if needed).

Please make sure you check that you have filled in all the required forms by the dates specified on the Research Office and International Office's websites. Your potential supervisor should be willing to help you with this.

Important Dates - Candidature

Local Applicants

Local applications for candidature should be submitted to the Faculty Office by:

18 February for March semester enrolment,
12 June for July semester enrolment.

International Applicants

Applications should be submitted to the International Office by:

31 October to start March the following year,
30 April to start in July that year.

Important Dates - scholarships

Local Applicants

VCRS/APA/UPA applications are to be received by the Research Office by:

October 31st for Semester 1 start,
mid June for Semester 2 start.

International Applicants

EIPRS/USydIS applications are to be submitted to the International Office by:

July 31st for Semester 1 (March) start the following year,
December 31st for Semester 2 (July) start the following year.

Other Scholarships

For submission dates for other scholarship applications, see either the Research Office or International Office websites.

Disclaimer. The information and dates given above are only a guide and may change. Please check with the Faculty, Research Office or International Office before applying.