How to Enrol

Once your application has been accepted, you will receive a formal letter of offer. This will explain that an enrolment form will have already been prepared for you and will also tell you when and where you need to go to enrol/pay fees/get your student card etc. This will normally be within the two weeks prior to the start of the semester.

Please note that it will be necessary for you to re-enrol at the beginning of Semester 1 in each year of your candidature. Failure to re-enrol may be regarded as termination of your candidature.

Current students continuing their studies in their postgraduate degree, and deferred students wishing to begin their studies in the next academic year, must re-enrol in the following way.

For continuing students

1. Online: The website address for pre-enrolling online will be supplied in the information package that will be sent by University’s central administration. The final date for pre-enrolling via the web is 14 November.

For deferred/suspended students

2. Paper: Students who are wishing to re enrol after suspension must notify the Faculty Office in writing at least 3 weeks before semester starts.

For further information, please contact the Faculty Office to make alternative arrangements.

Census Dates

The census date in each semester is the date by which any administrative matters must be finalised. The census dates are 31 March for the February semester and 31 August for the July semester. Administrative matters to which the census dates apply include:

  • Enrolment changes relevant to that semester
  • Adding or withdrawing units of study
  • Changes to FEE-HELP payment options
  • Change of address