How to get started

Resource Builder can be used by any educational institution, internally or externally to the University of Sydney.
The steps in the process are:

  1. Obtain an Expression of Interest form by sending email to
  2. Access to a Resource Builder demo site will be provided for a trial period. You will be able to build new cases and look at a selection of our resources.
  3. Upon reaching an agreed on how you would like to use Resource Builder, we will install your version and make adjustments to suit your needs.
  4. Training will be provided for a member of staff to be a 'super-user'; that is, to administer Resource Builder in your institution. We will also train a small number of ordinary users.

There are different options for using Resource Builder, depending on whether you are from inside the University of Sydney or from an external institution. You may also vary the amount of ongoing support that you require.

The costs for using Resource Builder are explained on the Expression of Interest form. We aim only to recover the cost of the labour involved in setting up and developing your Resource Builder version, as well as the time involved in training your staff.