Mentor Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How long does the program run for?
  • The program runs for the duration of the final year intern practical rotations (12 months) commencing at the beginning of December each year. Orientation and the pairing of mentors and mentees by self-selection occurs in the preceding weeks.
  • You may wish to continue the mentoring arrangement by mutual consent after the formal program finishes.
How do I become a mentor?
Vet Student

You can register your interest and have queries answered by contacting David Foote, the program Director. Mentors create their profile in the program website. Interested students peruse the database of available mentors and contact a mentor they are interested in. The Induction Session provides a valuable opportunity for face to face contact as well as information and training for all mentors and mentees.

How often should I have contact with my intern?
  • It is a requirement of the program that mentors and mentees have at least monthly contact for the duration of the program. Ideally, this should be driven by your mentee unless you prefer to do it yourself.
I’m really keen. Can I have more than one intern?
  • There is a limit of one mentee for each mentor unless by negotiation with the program director.
What if the relationship doesn’t seem to be working?
  • As in any relationship unanticipated challenges sometimes arise. It’s important to identify early on, talk about and try to resolve any difficulties as they arise with open, honest and respectful communication. David Foote, the Program Director, is available to offer guidance and support to mentors and interns as needed. Please contact David using the details located in the contacts site.
  • One of the key elements of a healthy mentoring relationship is the establishment of trust and mutual respect. In order to foster this, please aim to be reliable and punctual for meeting arrangements and give reasonable notice if you need to change an arrangement.
What am I committing to?
  • Attending the induction session in November (flexibility applies)
  • Having a minimum monthly contact with your mentee for the duration of the program. This should ideally be driven by your mentee.
  • Responding to periodic requests for feedback. The program director will email you 3 -4 times over the year requesting brief feedback on your mentoring relationship.