The UVTHC’s anaesthesia service is dedicated to providing the ultimate care for patients undergoing surgery or other procedures which are not able to be carried out in the conscious patient.

The anaesthesia team is comprised of specialist anaesthesia clinicians, clinicians with advanced training in anaesthesia and nurses that have completed special training in anaesthesia. We anaesthetise all patients admitted to both the University Teaching Hospital’s small and large animal hospital and have extensive experience across all animal species. Our role in the hospital is to provide expert advice on the postoperative management of patients undergoing surgery.


It is our goal to provide the safest anaesthetic for each patient. We pay dedicated attention to the needs of the individual patient during not only anaesthesia but also recovery from surgery. We have state of the art equipment and place special emphasis on integrating strategies for minimising pain into management of anaesthesia and post-operative care of all our patients thereby maximising patient comfort.

We also have a strong commitment to passing on our expertise in anaesthesia to veterinary students and to the profession.