appointments & payment

How to make an appointment?

In the first instance, contact us by telephone 02 4655 0777
to arrange a consultation.

We can provide you with advice about the best way to proceed with your consultation.

Payment Policy

The University Veterinary Teaching Hospital Camden receives no subsidy for its veterinary services and must charge standard fees for cases. The total costs at the UVTHC are comparable to those of private veterinary practice and are kept to the minimum possible level that is consistent with the highest quality care for the animals being treated.

Our strict policy is full payment by cash, credit card, EFTPOS and AMEX at the time the animal is discharged from hospital. A 50% deposit of the estimated treatment cost is required for all admissions into hospital prior to any diagnostic investigations and treatment. A payment plan option is available for eligible clients.

Stray/found animals

In line with the Guidelines under the Companion Animals Act 1998, any animal seized by a person must, as soon as possible, be deliver to an authorized officer, the pound or an approved premises (such as Uni Vets Camden).

Attempts will be made to reunite the animal and its owner including use of the National Pet Register. If the animal is not claimed by the owner within 72 hours, the animal will be sent to the pound.

If the owner cannot be established or the microchip is not listed, the animal will be sent to the pound whether or not the 72 hour period has expired. Similarly, animals that represent a hazard to staff and students will be sent earlier.