Our Services

The Camden Veterinary Teaching Hospital has Small Animal, Equine and Livestock clinics and also a separate Avian, Reptile, Exotic Pets and Wildlife clinic on site. The clinics provide routine and specialist services for all animals. The services of the clinics are available to the general public and veterinarians who wish to refer patients.


The Camden Veterinary Teaching Hospital provides:
  • comprehensive imaging service including: high power digital radiography, nuclear scintigraphy, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and ultrasonography;
  • onsite pathologists and diagnostic laboratory offering a wide range of pathology services for hospital patients and referring veterinarians, including cytology, microbiology, histopathology, haematology and biochemistry, and post mortem services;
  • a full time specialist veterinary anaesthetist and a support team providing world class anaesthesia for all hospital patients;
  • a general small animal practice providing routine services, second opinion consultations;
  • three registered specialists in equine surgery and a registered specialists in equine medicine;
  • currently the only location in NSW for comprehensive poor performance evaluation of the equine athlete including high-speed treadmill;
  • comprehensive lameness evaluation;
  • cardiovascular and respiratory function testing and treadmill video endoscopy for horses;
  • excellent surgery suites and recovery rooms, intensive care facilities for critically ill horses and foals;
  • specialist livestock services providing farm visits, herd health and full clinical services;
  • separate avian, reptile, exotic pet and wildlife hospital providing a full range of specialist diagnostic and clinical services.