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Camden Clinic Staff

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The Veterinary Teaching Hospital at Camden has more than fifty staff working in a diversity of fields including equine, livestock, small animal, and exotics, supported by anaesthesia, diagnostic imaging, pathology, and dermatology that work across all fields. With a focus on providing veterinary services to the highest of standards, furthering world-wide knowledge in all areas, and excellence in teaching at all levels. The hospital has a tiered staff structure, encompassing world class veterinary specialists and academics, highly experienced clinicians, and dedicated residents and interns in training programs.

A vital team of support staff work with the veterinarians, including nurses, stable hands, technical and administration staff, to help ensure the highest standards of care for every client and patient. In addition, Veterinary Science under-graduate students rotate through the teaching hospital during the final (5th) year of their degree, gaining invaluable clinical experience before graduating as veterinarians by active involvement in case assessment and discussion under direct supervision and guidance from qualified staff.