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Puppy Pre-school Photo Gallery

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Class of January 2012

Class of January 2012

Bruno, Andy, Blix & Kelly Amaro

From left: Bruno, Andy, Blix & Kelly Amaro

Karina & Glen with Archer & Sterling, Kelly Amaro

From left: Karina & Glen with Archer & Sterling, Kelly Amaro

Llew & Gemma with Bea & Pippin

From left:Llew & Gemma with Bea & Pippin



Archer, Alfred & Larry

From left counter clockwise: Archer, Alfred & Larry



Puppy Pre-school

Enrol your puppy in Puppy Pre-school to enable the very best start in life and initiate the opportunity to grow into a well behaved, sociable dog. Puppy Pre-school is one of the most important early building blocks in your dogs’ education!
Our Puppy Pre-school is run in order to meet the vital need for exposure, training and socialisation in a clean, safe and supervised environment.
Classes are specifically designed for dogs eight to sixteen weeks of age, as this is the crucial developmental period in their lives.
It is a safe environment to socialise and train your puppy with only the first vaccination needed in order to participate.
It is also an opportunity for owners (as well as other family members) to learn how to best manage and understand their dog and give them the tools to become confident owners who can have the best relationship with their four legged friend.
Classes run over a 5 week period with each puppy graduating at the completion of all classes.