Philips Medical System supported the purchase of a Philips 5000 digital ultrasound machine. The advantage of Ultrasound lies in its real-time imaging ability to evaluate heart function and vessel patency, plus provide valuable measurements of organ size and function. Ultrasound is the gold standard for imaging in the areas of cardiac, abdomen, pelvis and foetal studies.

Examinations available are:
  • Abdominal, cardiac and vascular studies performed using B-mode,
  • Colour flow Doppler, pulsed wave Doppler and continuous wave Doppler,
  • Harmonic imaging and contrast ultrasound.
Ultrasound guided procedures include:
  • Fine needle aspirates, though the needle biopsies,
  • Therapeutic or diagnostic abdominocentesis,
  • Thoracocentesis or pericardiocentesis.
 Pancreas Canine Kidney Bladder Lesion
Pancreas Canine Kidney Bladder Lesion
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