General X-Ray and Computed Radiography

University Veterinary Teaching Hospital Sydney (UVTHS) has two radiology suites for general diagnostic imaging service utilising latest in Fuji CR technology.

General Radiology

General radiology services include all routine diagnostic X-ray procedures plus Image Intensified Video-fluoroscopy for myelography, excretory urogram, retrograde vaginourethrogram and other real time procedures.

Computed Radiography (CR)

CR technology has enabled the UVTHS to enhance standard X-ray images through the use of optimised radiographic algorithms. Studies have been further improved with the use of High Detail and High Speed cassettes depending upon the needs of examination. High detail bone imaging or fast chest radiographs are easily obtained with CR imaging.

Orthopaedic Templating for surgical planning is another advantage of digital radiology. Our surgeons can plan hip or knee pin surgery in advance of the actual procedure to insure the best patient’s outcome possible.

Ibis wing Feline Abdomen Feline Asthma
Ibis wing Feline Abdomen Feline Asthma
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