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Australia's most advanced canine hospital opens

20 May 2008

Dog owners now have access to Australia's most advanced specialist canine veterinary facility following the official opening of a $2.3 million facility at the University of Sydney's Canine Teaching Hospital today.

Based at Camperdown, the canine hospital represents a major advancement in animal medicine. Home to a new CT scanner, the only one of its kind in Australia, and a purpose-built veterinary MRI unit, the new hospital offers pet owners access to state of the art equipment and world leading veterinarians.

Director of the new hospital, Dr Sanaa Zaki said, "These machines have revolutionised the ability to detect diseases in animals at a far earlier stage than was previously possible using methods such as radiology or xray equipment. The world class facilities have also attracted some of the best veterinarians in their field which means we can offer high standard care for the animals."

Associate Professor of Surgery, Geraldine Hunt, used the new laparoscopy and liposuction equipment to perform a major double surgery on a Staffordshire bull terrier to remove a fatty tumour and take a biopsy sample. In the past, both of these problems would have required invasive surgery.

"As a result of new surgical techniques and the new equipment at the Canine Hospital, it was possible to remove the fatty tumour, examine the dog's liver, and take a biopsy using keyhole surgery. The dog required only two stitches rather than two big surgery wounds and was able to go home at lunchtime, less than 24 hours after his surgery," said Associate Professor Hunt.

The University of Sydney Teaching Hospital prides itself on attracting a new generation of veterinarians, vet nurses and researchers, who are leaders in their field and at the cutting edge of the latest research.

The facility will offer general medicine services plus complex cases like nuclear medicine, high tech diagnostic imaging, CT, MRI, ultrasound, orthopaedic surgery, soft tissue surgery, general surgery and animal dentistry. The hospital will also provide a 24 hour veterinary care service.
"Pet owners now have access to a wonderful facility to ensure their dogs receive the best standard of care. The Canine Hospital will complement the existing Valentine Charlton Cat Clinic which was opened three years ago," said Dr Zaki.

The Canine Hospital was officially opened today by the University of Sydney's Chancellor, Her Excellency, Professor Marie Bashir, AC CVO.

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