Nursing Staff

Jennifer Bonhs - Veterinary Clinical Nurse/Head Nurse

Jennifer Bonhs

Certificate III in Veterinary Nursing
Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing
Diploma of Veterinary Nursing – Emergency & Critical Care

Jennifer joined the UVTHS team in June 2005 & worked as an ICU nurse for the first three & a half years & then joined the specialist medicine unit where she continues to work as one of our medicine nurses.

Jennifer is a qualified veterinary nurse, completing certificate III & IV in veterinary nursing in 2001 & then completed her Diploma of Veterinary Nursing in Emergency & Critical Care with distinctions, in 2010.

When Jennifer is not supervising the nursing team or looking after her patients, she enjoys spending time with her husband & her two very spoilt babies (her cats!).

Rhonda Foreman - Senior Veterinary Nurse

Rhonda Foreman

Veterinary Nursing Certificate
Domestic Animal Care

One of the most longstanding members of the medicine team, Rhonda joined the UVTHS as a veterinary nurse in 1986 & continues to work as one of our general medicine nurses. During her time here she has completed TAFE training in both Domestic animal care and veterinary nursing. Rhonda is also the safety officer at the UVTHS.

Rhonda has a special interest in veterinary dermatology. When not at work Rhonda enjoys taking care of her two sons and her Chihuahua cross foxy ‘Chelsea’.

Joanne Tapp

Joanne Tapp - Veterinary Nurse
Associate Diploma in Animal Technology

Jo obtained her Associate Diploma in Animal Technology from Ultimo TAFE in 2001, and joined the UVTHS as an ICU veterinary nurse in April, 2003. Jo then moved on to work with the medicine specialist team where she continues to work as one of our medicine nurses

Like most nurses, she has a menagerie, which keeps her busy (two dogs, a cat, a rabbit and assorted fish). She also enjoys being outdoors, reading and spending time with her two sons.

Kelly Amaro

Kelly Amaro - Veterinary Nurse
Veterinary Nursing Certificate

Kelly completed her Veterinary Nursing Certificate in 1993 and spent 15 years in a busy private practice as the head nurse and manager of the Burwood Animals Rescue Kennels. The no-kill shelter re-homed abandoned and neglected animals within the Burwood Council district.

As a result of her interest in animal behaviour she has completed her Certificate IV in Companion Animal Service and is an Accredited Instructor with Delta Society Australia.
Her dog training business ‘Love on a Leash’ was established and Kelly runs Puppy Preschool classes and private consultations to manage basic obedience and behavioural issues in dogs.

Kelly spent 9 months in a veterinary specialist centre before joining the UVTHS team in 2005 and can often be heard singing her favourite Prince songs through the corridors.

April Hadges

April Hadges - Veterinary Nurses
Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing

April is a qualified veterinary nurse having completed her Cert I, II and IV in veterinary nursing as well as her Veterinary nurse technician certificate. April joined the UVTHS team in 2007; first as an ICU nurse and now as a general medicine nurse. Her prior work was in private practice as well as a 24 hour vet hospital, where she enjoyed emergency and critical care cases.

When not at work, April is busy with her horse (Diva, a thoroughbred mare) and precious Labrador, Rajah.

Nicole Kingston

Nicole Kingston - Veterinary Nurse
Certificate in Advanced Veterinary Nursing
Certificate in Enrolled Veterinary Nursing
Associate Diploma in Biological Techniques

Nicole is one of our surgery nurses. She has been a veterinary nurse for the last 13 years and has worked at various veterinary hospitals in both Sydney and the United Kingdom. Some of these include Kirrawee Veterinary Hospital, University Veterinary Teaching Hospital, Camden, The Animal Referral Hospital, The North Shore Veterinary Hospital, RSPCA Putney, London UK and The Julia Boness Veterinary Hospital, Bedfordshire UK.
Nicole has extensive training in both emergency medicine and surgical nursing.
Nicole loves to spend her spare time being outdoors, travelling with her family and being with her little boy!

Emmalene May North

Emmalene May North - Veterinary Nurse
Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing

Emmalene completed Certificate I & II in animal studies and Certificate IV in vet nursing. She commenced her job with Sydney University in January 2009 as an ICU nurse & then moved on to become a general medicine nurse.

Emmalene shares her spare time between- riding horses - Caper and Bunns; playing with Jaydee (miniature pony); looking after 2 birds Monito (a very cheeky Galah) & Aussie (a very playful scaly breasted Lorikeet) and spending time with 2 dogs - Angel (Chihuahua) and Stitch (Labrador).

Rebecca Tuck

Rebecca Tuck - Veterinary Nurse
Certificate III Captive animal management
Certificate of Veterinary Nursing (Enrolled)

Rebecca joined UVTHS in early 2010 as an ICU nurse. Before this she worked for a number of years at Kirrawee Vet Hospital, Ku-ring-gai Veterinary Hospital and as the senior nurse at Roseville vet clinic. Rebecca completed her certificate of veterinary nursing in 1996.
In 2004 Bec spent a year teaching Dressage in London's Hyde Park Stables and travelling the UK and Europe. Bec also spent some time volunteering in Borneo with the endanged Sun bears and Orang-utans.
When not working Rebecca surfs, dives, trains in Taikido and spoils her cats Henry and William.

Sandra Blunt

Sandra Blunt - Veterinary Nurse
Certificate IV Veterinary Nursing
Diploma in Emergency & critical Nursing

Sandra joined the UVTHS team in 2009 as an ICU nurse and she enjoys nursing for the unique and critical patients during the night.
Sandra has been working as a veterinary nurse for 11 years in various private practices around Sydney. She has completed certificates I, II and IV in veterinary nursing and her Diploma in Emergency and Critical Care.
When Sandra is not nursing she is hanging with Calli her 3 legged Staffy, cuddling her other sweet cat Princess Leia and lying in the sun with her three Long Neck turtles Ivy, Frankie and Crush.

Kathryn Ladd

Kathryn Ladd - Veterinary Nurse
Certificate III in Veterinary Nursing
Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing

Kat joined the UVTHS nursing team in May 2010 as one of our ICU nurses.
She completed her certificate III in animal studies & certificate IV veterinary nursing in 2002.

Kat has been a veterinary nurse for the past ten years & has worked in various small animal general practices & specialist clinics throughout Sydney & then moved to the UK in 2006 & worked in a busy RSPCA animal hospital in London for 4 years.
Since returning home to the sunshine Kat enjoys her work in the emergency department helping clients & the patients & nursing the sick & injured animals back to good health.

When Kat is not at work she enjoys all things outdoors, music & travelling.

Alyssa Hanna

Alyssa Hanna - Veterinary Nurse
Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing

Alyssa finished her certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing in 2007 and started work at the Police Dog unit where she worked with their German Shepherds and Rottweilers. She then moved on after a few years to work in a Veterinary Orthopaedic Specialist. Alyssa gained valuable experience in all things orthopaedics and fell in love with surgery nursing. This then led her to a surgery nurse position here at the University Veterinary Teaching Hospital in August 2012.
After work, Alyssa enjoys spending time with her 2 dogs Virgil and Shifty and giving cuddles to the hospital cat Cheeto!

Jacqueline Harvey

Jacqueline Harvey - Veterinary Nurse
Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing

Jacqui completed her Vet Nursing certificate III and IV in 2002 at Ultimo Tafe & then she began working in general veterinary practices in the Sutherland shire.
After this she took off north and got her first taste of emergency at Cost Vet Robina. She then locumed for a little bit on The Gold Coast and Brisbane before settling down at QVS (Queensland Vet Specialist) as a Surgery Nurse.
Sick of those cane toads she came back to Sydney to an Emergency and Specialist Centre in Sydney’s West.
Jacqui came to UVTHS in March 2012 as a member of our after hours SAVES team.
Jacqui has a passion for emergency work (and having her summer days off to enjoy time with her family and friends!)

Amy Wood

Amy Wood - Veterinary Nurse
Certificate III in Animal Studies
Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing

Amy began Vet Nursing in 2010 in a private practice in Sydneys Eastern Suburbs where she successfully completed her Cert III & IV.
She then went on to front desk at a referral hospital for 6months before making the move to UVTHS as a General Medicine Nurse in September 2012. In this time, she has also worked in the Referal department. Amy also takes care of and coordinates the kitten/cat rehoming program.
In 2014, Amy took 4 months off and headed over to a private school farm in North Carolina USA to set up and manage, where she taught children from 6-16years of age skills ranging from growing a vegetable patch to caring for animals such as Alpacas, Jersey calves, goats, ducks & rabbits that gave birth.
She continues to love her work as a Vet Nurse and will be soon making the move to Emergency ICU nurse here at UVTHS.

Melanie Hill

Melanie Hill - Veterinary Nurse
Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing

Mel completed her cert IV in veterinary nursing in 2009. Before joining the team Mel worked at Blakehurst vets and Kirrawee vets where she worked in all areas of veterinary nursing but soon discovered a love for surgical nursing and can't wait to complete her Diploma of surgical veterinary nursing.
Mel is obsessed with dogs and has an interest in training and behaviour. A highlight of her career was going behind the scenes at the dog show at The Royal Easter Show.
When not at work Mel enjoys discovering new restaurants, going to the beach, and running the bay run with all the local dogs.

Chris Burrows

Chris Burrows - Veterinary Nurse
Cert II Animal studies
Cert IV Veterinary nursing
Diploma of Veterinary nursing (Surgical)
Accredited Veterinary nurse

Chris has been nursing for 7 years with the last two years spent working in a large multidisciplinary specialist hospital in Queensland before making the move to Sydney to work in the anaesthesia department in March 2013.
Chris completed his certificate IV in veterinary nursing in 2010 and a diploma in surgical nursing in 2012 and is currently working towards certification as a veterinary technician specialist in anaesthesia. Chris's interests involve all aspects of anaesthesia and analgesia as well as critical care nursing.
When not at work Chris likes to spend his time exploring Sydney.

Julia Coleman

Julia Coleman - Veterinary Nurse
Certificate IV Veterinary Nursing

Julia began nursing at a general practice in Bathurst in 2008, where she worked with both small and large animals, and also was involved in running puppy preschool classes, and the local social obedience group. After working there for 3 years she moved to Newcastle where she began working at N.A.E.C. It was here that she got a taste for emergency and critical care work. This then led her to her ICU nursing position at UVTHS in the SAVES team in 2012.
When Julia is not at work in Sydney, she enjoys spending her spare time riding her horses, Alfie and Tilda or taking her German shepherds, Dash and Torah to the beach.

Kema Hord

Kema Hord - Veterinary Nurse

Ebanie Cartwright - Veterinary Nurse

Catherine Woodcock - Veterinary Nurse

Karli Perrin - Veterinary Nurse

Amanda King - Veterinary Nurse

Tayla Bussey - Trainee Veterinary Nurse