Veterinary Pathology Diagnostic Services

The Veterinary Pathology Diagnostic Services (VPDS) unit provides a comprehensive laboratory service to the University Veterinary Centre at the Sydney campus. This service is also available to other parts of the University as well as outside veterinary practices and research organisations.

The VPDS is staffed by specialist veterinarians and multiskilled experienced technicians. The service encompasses clinical biochemistry, haematology, cytology, microbiology, necropsy and histopathology, and parasitology. Clinical biochemistry includes serum and other fluid biochemistry, urinalysis and faecal analysis. Haematology includes routine blood counts, bone marrow examination, cross matching and feline blood typing. Cytology includes fluid analysis from all sites and examination of fine needle cell aspirates. Microbiology includes bacteriological, mycological and virological testing.

The histological section of VPDS has expertise in processing a wide variety of normal and diseased tissues for routine and special staining. Parasitology includes detection of eggs, oocysts or larvae in faeces, blood or other biological fluids. Other tests are provided by VPDS which are available on request.

VPDS has particular expertise in investigating companion animal disease but also has a special interest in the investigation of health problems of laboratory animals. VPDS does provide a comprehensive and competitive service to private and government research organisations particularly in the area of histological investigation.