Veterinary Studies

Veterinary Studies

The Postgraduate Program in Veterinary Studies is offered as a generic degree at the following levels:


The program is designed to equip veterinary scientists in Australia and internationally with disciplinary knowledge and applied skills and techniques. Graduates can choose to specialise in a particular field of interest or design their degree program to best suits their individual career and/or research goals. Skills and knowledge will be gained through coursework and if desired, through a small research project in the area.

Goals of the Degree

The program aims to provide advanced, flexible training in aspects of veterinary science. The purpose of this training is dependent on students’ career objectives but in general it will provide graduates with:

  • Skill enhancement in specific areas of Veterinary Studies.
  • Greater employment prospects in their chosen area(s).
  • A specific combination of enhanced skills in their current and future employment.
  • Preparation for completing further training for registration as specialists in their field.
  • Preparation for completing research training in their field.