Submitting and Grading of Assessments

Students are required to keep a copy of all assignments in case an assignment is misplaced. Students are also encouraged to keep a backup or hard copy of their assignments, in cases of computer failure.

Grading criteria for academic essays and papers are as follows:

High Distinction (85% - 100%)

Work of outstanding quality, demonstrating an excellent standard of written English and of criticism, logical argument, interpretation of materials or use of methodology. Evidence of extensive research and use of primary sources, a thoughtful structure, substantial additional work and independent learning. This grade may be given to recognise particular originality or creativity.

Distinction (75% - 84%)

Work of superior quality, demonstrating a command of language, sound grasp of content, efficient organisation and selectivity. Evidence of relevant research, additional work and independent learning.

Credit (65% - 74%)

A sound performance, competent and appropriate. Work that is well written and demonstrates good research skills. Demonstrates a clear grasp of the basic skills and knowledge. Work of good quality, showing more than satisfactory achievement.

Pass (50% - 64%)

A satisfactory attempt to meet the demands of the assignment. Demonstrates understanding and command of basic skills and core knowledge. The assignment may have significant weaknesses, or may not be wholly successful or coherent, but shows at least satisfactory achievement in more important aspects.