Build-your-own degree

The Veterinary Studies program has no core units requirement. This enables you to select the units of study that best suit your intellectual interests and career goals. Enrolling in the generic VetStud program means you can choose from any of the units of study offered in the Sydney School of Veterinary Science. You may also choose, with Faculty permission, relevant units of study offered by other Faculties at the University of Sydney.

A limited amount of prior study you may have completed through the Centre for Veterinary Education in Veterinary Science ( may be credited to a generic VetStud degree in the future.

Completing a generic program in Veterinary Studies

The Veterinary Studies program is very flexible, which means you can select the units of study that best suit your interests and career plans. There are conditions and limitations attached to some units of study and you should consult with staff during the application process.

Please note that supervised clinical units of study are only available to students employed by the University Teaching Hospital in residency or intern programs. We strongly advise that applicants contact Future Students before choosing their program.