Diagnostic Parasitology

The Diagnostic Parasitology section is responsible for the detection and identification of external and internal parasites from a diverse animal hosts, these include pet, pocket, exotic as well domestic and wild animal species. We receive variety of materials and specimens, including faecal samples, aspirates, skin scrapings, sticky tapes as well as presumed parasites for identification. We use traditional processing methods as well as immunological assays for increased sensitivity and specificity.

Dr. Jan Slapeta is the section head and Denise McDonell is the laboratory diagnostician. The laboratory’s responsibilities are processing and analysing of the received samples, and reporting results based on routine methods. On demand, the laboratory develops new methods or we adopt existing methods based on the client requirements, under these circumstances we will conduct quality control to assure quality results.

Diagnostic Tests
Specimen Collection

Any inquiries regarding specimen collection should be made by contacting the Lab Manager.