Bringing Your Pet to the Vet

When you bring your pet to the vet it is important to transport them in a safe and secure manner for you and your pets well being.

DO NOT allow your pet to free roam in the vehicle. Even if your pet is used to being out of it cage and with you, changes in the environment can spook your pet and cause you to be distracted from driving. All pets should be in some kind of transport cage and secured so it can’t shift with vehicle movement.

Please follow the following tips for your pets.



Birds can be transported in small house cages or carry cages. Take out the water so it won’t be spilled (you can carry a separate water bottle and stop for a refreshment break if it is a really long trip). Birds generally won’t drink in a moving vehicle.

A lot of birds may stress a little when they are sitting in a cage and they see the scenery pass them by (when they are not flying). You can keep them relaxed by covering the cage with a towel or sheet.
Alternatively you can transport bird in a small cardboard box with air holes. This reduces the view and the light and lets them relax.

Ill birds have difficulty maintaining their body temperature. Therefore don’t have the cage in a sunny position for long periods on a hot day otherwise the bird may over heat. Alternatively don’t have the air conditioning on too low or the windows down so that the bird gets a chill. Around 30 degrees Celsius is ideal.

Don’t have the music too loud or the kids screaming. Loud noises in confined spaces can easily stress a sick bird.


Bearded Dragon

Make sure the reptiles are in a secure container and can’t slide around in it with the movement of the car. Plastic boxes with click fit lids and air holes provided are suitable for transportation but may need some newspaper or towel to line the base of the container for them to grip.

Reptiles can also be moved in calico bags but care must taken that they are not sat on or bumped around. Take care not to let the reptile get too hot or too cool during transportation.

Small Mammals

Guinea Pig

Small mammals such as Ferrets, Guinea Pigs, Rabbits, Mice and Rats can be brought in most of the commercially available pet carriers but be sure to provide some way of hiding such as a towel or sheets of newspaper or small cardboard box to keep them feeling secure.


Discus Fish

Fish are best transported in clean plastic containers such as a bucket or storage containers with a lid (make sure it has never been used with any chemicals). Use a container that provides the largest surface area of water for best oxygenation of the water. If possible provide battery powered aeration.


Tree Frog

Frogs and Toads can be moved in opaque plastic containers. Place some damp absorbent paper on the bottom to maintain humidity. Axolotls should be transported the same way as fish.