The following are the Units of Study for the Master of Wildlife Health & Population Management. Click on each unit code in the table to see the unit description in Sydney courses .

  • WILD5001 Australasian Wildlife: Introduction
  • WILD5002 Australasian Wildlife: Field Studies
  • WILD5003 Wildlife Health
  • WILD5004 Vertebrate Pest Management
  • WILD5005 In Situ Wildlife Management
  • WILD5006 Ex Situ Wildlife Management
  • WILD5009 Research Project
  • VETS7025 Leadership, People and Organisations
  • GEOG5001 Geographical Information Science
  • MARS5001 Coastal Processes and Systems
  • MARS5006 Coral Reefs, Science and Management
  • VETS9003 Special Topics in Veterinary Studies

Time Table Master of Wildlife Health & Population Management*
SEMESTER 1, 2015
(For current continuing students)

WILD5004 (6cp)
Vertebrate Pest Management

March, the week of the 1 -03-15 to 7-03-14

WILD5006 (6cp)
Ex Situ Wildlife Management

April, the week of the 26-04-15 – 1-05-15

WILD 5009 (12cp)

February - May


SEMESTER 1, 2015
(For 72 credit point Master's students only)

All students are required to take the units on the row below - VETS7025, VETS9003 and PUBH5018.

VETS7025 (6cp)
Leadership, People and Organisations

February Residential 9-12 February 2015

VETS9003 (6cp)
Special Topics in Veterinary Studies

Supervised Mode

PUBH5018 (6cp)
Introductory Biostatistics

On-Campus or Distance (On-Line) Mode


Students must also choose one of the following units, or any unit offered by the Faculty of Science, with permission.

MARS5006 (6cp)
Coral Reefs, Science and Management

Intensive Mode

MARS5001 (6cp)
Coastal Processes and Systems

On-Campus Mode

 GEOG5001 (6cp)
Geographical Information Science

On-Campus Mode


SEMESTER 2, 2015
(Continuing 72 credit point Master's students or commencing 48 credit point Master's students)

WILD5001 (6cp)
Australasian Wildlife: Introduction


July, the week of 19-07-15 to 25-07-15

WILD5003 (6cp)
Wildlife Health


August, the week of 23-08-15 to 29-08-15

WILD5002 (6cp)
Australasian Wildlife: 
Field Studies


September, the week of 27-09-15 to 3-10-15

WILD5005 (6cp)
In Situ Wildlife Management

October, the week of 11-10-15 to 17-12-15