The following are the Units of Study for the Master of Wildlife Health & Population Management. Click on each one to see the listing in the course book.

  • WILD 5001 Australasian Wildlife: Introduction
  • WILD 5002 Australasian Wildlife: Field Studies
  • WILD 5003 Wildlife Health
  • WILD 5004 Vertebrate Pest Management
  • WILD 5005 In Situ Wildlife Management
  • WILD 5006 Ex Situ Wildlife Management

Time Table Master of Wildlife Health & Population Management*
SEMESTER 2, 2014

WILD5001 (6cp)
Australasian Wildlife: Introduction

July, the week of 20-07-14 to 26-07-14

WILD5003 (6cp)
Wildlife Health

August, the week of 24-08-14 to 30-08-14

WILD5002 (6cp)
Australasian Wildlife:
Field Studies

September, the week of 28-09-14 to 4-10-14

WILD5005 (6cp)
In Situ Wildlife Management

October, the week of 12-10-14 to 18-12-14

SEMESTER 1, 2015

WILD5004 (6cp)
Vertebrate Pest Management

March, the week of the 1 -03-15 to 7-03-14

WILD5006 (6cp)
Ex Situ Wildlife Management

April, the week of the 26-04-15 – 1-05-15

WILD 5009 (12cp)

February - May


*The specific dates of each week long unit of study will be made available shortly.