Carillon recital - 2pm Sunday 6 September 2009 in the Quadrangle

Edward Grantham

Edward Grantham
Honorary Carillonist, The University of Sydney

Scandals, Crime & Corruption

Introductory Flourish




The Susceptible Chancellor (Iolanthe)

 A S Sullivan (1842-1900)

Habanera (Carmen)

G Bizet (1838-75)

La Donna e Mobile (Rigoletto)

G Verdi (1813-1901)

Seguidilla (Carmen)

G Bizet



The Policeman's Lot (Pirates of Penzance)

A S Sullivan

Entrance of the Mikado and Mikado's Song

A S Sullivan

   (The punishment fit the crime)


Botany Bay

Australian Folk Song

The Wild Rover

Australian Folk Song

Bold Jack Donaghue

Australian Folk Song

The Wild Colonial Boy

Australian Folk Song

Theme from Hawaii Five-O

Morton Stevens (1929-91)

Theme from Z Cars (c 1966)

Bridget Fry



I Stole the Prince, from The Gondoliers

A S Sullivan

Serenade, from Don Giovanni

W A Mozart (1756-91)

The Two Gendarmes

J Offenbach (1819-80)

Jewel Song, from Faust

C Gounod (1818-93)

Duke and Duchess of Plaza Toro, from The Gondoliers


Small Titles and Orders for Mayors

A S Sullivan


The Bell Anthem

Henry Purcell (1659-95)

Advance Australia Fair


All arrangements by the carillonist