Carillon Recital - 2pm Sunday 4 July 2010 in the Quadrangle

Lyn Fuller
Visiting Carillonist, The National Carillon, Canberra

Sitsky in the Middle

Canberra Bells (2010)* 

Emma Lou Diemer (b.1927)

For the 40th Anniversary of the National Carillon Canberra, Commissioned by Assistant University Carillonist June Catchpoole for Lyn Fuller to play.

La Aldera Duerme (The Hamlet) Joaquin Turina (1882-1949) 
Puppet on a String  Bill Martin and Phil Coulter
Eleven Abstractions on Paganini's La Campanella (1974)* Larry Sitsky (b.1934)
Romance for Gitarra Niccolo Paganini (1782-1840)

Ragged Bells (2010)* 

Elena Kats-Chernin (b.1957), Commissioned by Lyn Fuller for the Canberra International Music Festival
Velvet Moon Rag
Optimistic Carillon Melody 
Lightly Sad Rag 
Sweet Caroline  Neil Diamond (b.1941)
Exit Stage Left* (2010) Lyn Fuller (b.1946)

Advance Australia Fair

*Original Carillon Composition

All arrangements by the Carillonist