What We Do

We facilitate the management of WHS risks within the University and arising from University activities. We promote the highest possible standard of occupational health, safety and welfare within the University in line with social and legal obligations. We aim to minimise the social and financial effects of workplace injury and illness through the provision of timely, safe and durable return to work programs.

We do this by:

  • maintaining up-to-date knowledge and information about WHS risk management, including relevant legislation, codes of practice, industry standards, research and development
  • identifying key WHS risk issues and developing appropriate policies, systems, and programs to (a) prevent injury and ill-health to University staff, students and visitors, and (b) manage the early return to work of injured employees
  • disseminating consistent, high quality information for the University community on effective WHS risk management strategies
  • promoting continuous improvement in the application of risk management principles by all students, staff, supervisors and line managers
  • promoting effective consultation (a) within workgroups to identify and resolve WHS issues and (b) to develop WHS risk management policies and programs
  • collating and maintaining databases of incidents, injuries and claims relating to the University's operation for legislative compliance, reporting and statistical analysis for prioritising risks
  • providing a responsive, efficient and professional service to the University community
  • maintaining membership of and contributing to professional associations and industry bodies.