WHS Action plans

Organisational units are required to set goals for achieving and improving work health and safety (WHS) performance. These WHS Action Plans should be established with reference to:

The WHS Action Plan should be practical and achievable. A plan may typically include goals to:

  • identify work related hazards and commit to a schedule for addressing these
  • report incidents and injuries within 24 hours of occurrence
  • investigate incidents and submit of corrective actions (where relevant) in RiskWare within 7 days
  • complete corrective actions and close these in RiskWare on time
  • assign responsibility for coordinating local emergency response
  • practice emergency procedures
  • keep up-to-date next of kin emergency contact details for workers
  • provide after-hours building emergency contact details for Security Services
  • assign responsibility for providing first aid service, or communicate details of neighbouring service
  • ensure WHS induction of new workers
  • arrange training to help workers manage WHS risks relating their work
  • develop and periodically review safe work methods
  • include WHS in contract specifications
  • ensure contractors are qualified, informed of local hazards, inducted and supervised
  • conduct quarterly walk through WHS inspections
  • assess WHS implications of equipment and materials being purchased (eg ergonomics, weight, noise, dust, heat, toxicity, radiation, electromagnetic fields etc).
  • sign-post hazardous areas and restrict access where appropriate.
  • keep up-to-date manifests of hazardous substances and segregate incompatible substances.

Each action item should be clearly assigned to an appropriate worker and time frame specified for achievement.