WHS Auditing


Auditing of work health and safety (WHS) performance is conducted within the University on a two yearly cycle. A generic WHS management systems audit is conducted for all departments during the “even” years. During the “odd” years a more specific audit is conducted of those departments involved in working with known hazards such as chemicals, machinery, ionising radiation, biological hazards, field work, and use of contractors.

2013 High Risk WHS Audit

In keeping with the University risk based biennial WHS auditing schedule, the 2013 WHS audit of high risk activities will be conducted during the third quarter 2013. The audit focuses on those departments involved in work with known hazards such as chemicals, ionising radiation, biological hazards, machinery, fieldwork and use of contractors.

The WHS audit involves interviews by an independent auditor. Each interview takes 15 – 30 minutes. The audit questions are made available beforehand. The auditor may also seek to view evidence to validate particular answers.

WHS audit results and recommendations for improvements (where warranted) are provided afterwards to the Heads. Summary reports of the WHS audit results are provided for senior managers and governance committees.

For more information contact Colin Chua.