Management meetings

Work health and safety (WHS) is an important part of everyday business and planning. It therefore must be included as a standing item at the top of the agenda for meetings dealing with the general management. If regular management meetings are not held within an organisational unit, then regular work group meetings to deal specifically with WHS issues may be required.

WHS discussion points

The WHS discussion during management meetings should typically include:

  • Reviewing reports of work related hazards, incidents and injuries.
  • Checking responsiveness and corrective actions as needed.
  • Considering WHS issues raised by workers and planning for consultation and resolution.
  • Planning suitable WHS training, including induction of new workers.
  • Prioritising hazards to be addressed and allocating responsibility and resources for these.
  • Establishing a WHS Action Plan and monitoring progress over time.
  • Seeking and reviewing WHS reports from sub-unit managers.
  • Reviewing WHS aspects of proposed purchases of equipment, goods and services.
  • Reviewing WHS aspects of proposed projects to be undertaken within the work group.
  • Responding to specialist WHS advice and recommendations.

The meeting minutes or notes will provide a suitable record for ongoing reference.

The senior managers of large, higher risk work groups may also consider introducing a unit based WHS Committee, such as a School Safety Committee, to focus attention and promote action on WHS locally.

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