WHS risk management steps

A key requirement of the work health health and safety legislation is for the employer to systematically manage risks arising from workplace hazards. There must also be effective consultation and communication with the workers involved about these risks and how they are to be managed.

The University's risk management system has been developed to assist the University to achieve compliance with the legislation.

The system has particular relevance for managers, supervisors and staff members who have responsibility for overseeing the activities of other staff or students.

University staff with supervisory authority are required to ensure that the system is effectively implemented in their designated areas of responsibility.

There are five steps in the system used to manage work health and safety risks at the University:

  1. identify hazards and hazardous jobs
  2. assign priority for each hazard and hazardous job
  3. assess the risk to find out exactly what makes it hazardous
  4. control the risk(s) or fix the problem(s)
  5. evaluate periodically to check that work health and safety risks are being effectively managed.