A range of health and safety training is available to University workers, including staff, affiliates, contractors, research students and volunteers. Refer to the training program below.

New workers

We are all required to complete the University's online work health and safety induction, and managers and supervisors are required to provide new staff and students with a specific local WHS induction.

Training needs analysis

University managers and supervisors are required to periodically review the training requirements for each member of their team. This is commonly referred to as a training needs analysis. Individual training needs should be considered as part of the local induction and during ongoing performance and development processes.

Training program

Training Objective Audience Access 
WHS induction An introduction to the University's safety management system.

All staff, research students and affiliates

Online delivery (20-30mins)
Staff and affiliates via CareerPath

HDR Students via the student LMS

WHS for managers and supervisors This workshop is designed to help managers and supervisors understand their personal role in managing safety. Staff who supervise other staff, students or affiliates Face-to-face delivery (3 hours). Enrol via CareerPath
Managing Mental Health Risks at Work

Developed by Beyondblue, this online course has scenario-based learning where you can assess common workplace scenarios that can impact the mental health of employees.

Managers and all staff Online delivery (~30 mins) via CareerPath
Biosafety This online module is intended to provide a general introduction to biosafety. Staff and research students who work with biological material Online delivery (1 hour)
Staff and affiliates via CareerPath Students self-enrol via the student LMS
Chemical safety This online module is designed to provide an introduction to chemical hazards and the University's Chemical Safety Standards. Staff and research students who work with chemicals Online delivery (2 hours)
Staff and affiliates via CareerPath Students self-enrol via the student LMS
Radiation safety This training course introduces participants to the principles of radiation safety and the University's requirement for working with unsealed radioactive sources. Successful completion of the course qualifies participants to apply for an EPA licence to use unsealed isotopes for research purposes. Staff and research students who work with ionising radiation Face-to-face delivery (1 day). Enrol via CareerPath
Laser safety awareness This online module introduces participants to the basic principles of laser safety. Staff and research students who work with Class 3B or 4 laser

Online delivery (2 hours).

Contact Safety, Health & Wellbeing via email for login details.

Emergency warden This training introduces participants to the University's emergency management framework, standard building emergency response procedures and working as part of an emergency control organsisation. Staff who have been nominated to act as an emergency warden within a University building Face-to-face delivery (2 hours). Enrol via CareerPath or contact your WHS Adviser to arrange on-site training.
Chief warden training This one-on-one training is designed to guide chief wardens through the process of managing an emergency control organisation and coordinate the initial response to a building emergency. Staff who have been appointed as a chief warden or deputy warden for a University building Contact your WHS Adviser for training and ongoing coaching
First attack fire training This course is designed to provide the knowledge and skills to correctly identify, select and use the first attack firefighting equipment typicallyprovided at the University, e.g. fire extinguishers, fire blankets and hose reels. University staff who are most likely to face a fire at work e.g. Laboratory and workshop staff Face-to-face delivery (2 hours). Enrol via CareerPath.