WHS training DVDs

The following DVDs are currently available for loan:

  • Communicating Safety in the Office (Vocam) 14 min - This dvd covers Safety and Communication; Communication Methods; Communicating Hazards; Evaluating Hazards & Case Studies.
  • Fire Safety for Industry(Vocam) 22 min - This dvd covers The Nature of Fire; Risk Assessment; Common Fire Hazards; Facing the Fire; Extinguishing the Fire; Fire Wardens & Evacuation.
  • Hazardous Substances Safety Essentials (Vocam) 23 min - This dvd covers Identifying Hazardous Substances; Common Hazards; The Hierarchy of Control; Personal Protective Equipment; Storage and Disposal; Emergency Response & Case Studies.
  • 'Homecomings' (WorkCover advert) 90 seconds - This is the TV advert of a boy waiting for his Dad to come home after a day at work, enforcing the message that workplace safety doesn't just affect you at work, it affects your whole family.
  • Office Building Fire Safety - Low Rise (Vocam) 14 min - This dvd covers Fire Prevention; Fire Detection; Facing the Fire; Extinguishing the Fire; Fire Wardens and Evacuation.
  • 'One Moment Please' - Paralympian Speakers Program (WorkCover) - Five athletes provide a powerful message on the importance of working safe, thinking safe and going home safe. Despite suffering permanent disabilities in workplace accidents they have gone on to achieve outstanding sporting successes.
  • Understanding Safety at Work (Vocam) 24 min - This dvd covers Risk Assessment; Housekeeping; Slips, Trips and Falls; Hazardous Substances; Electrical Hazards; Work Equipment Safety; Personal Protective Equipment; Noise; Manual Handling; Fire; Confined Spaces & Outdoor Work.
  • Understanding Safety in the Office (Vocam) 20 min - This dvd covers Office Housekeeping; Your Workstation; Safety Around the Office; Manual Handling; Emergency Response; Office Security & Aggression Response.

If you wish to borrow one of these DVDs please contact Safety, Health & Wellbeing.