Health and Safety Representatives

The primary mechanism for consultation on health and safety matters is direct dialogue between supervisors and the workers acting under their instruction.

A number of work groups within the University have also elected a health and safety representative (HSR) to represent the health and safety interests of their work group as a secondary means of consultation.

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What is the role of a HSR?

HSRs are invited to attend management meetings so that they can participate in discussions about health and safety matters and monitor the management of WHS within their work group. They may also assist in reviewing, investigating and resolving complex WHS matters, including WHS complaints from workers within their work group.

Two HSRs, one from the faculties and one from the administrative portfolios, are elected by their peers to attend the University Executive (UE) Work Health & Safety Committee meetings to represent the collective views of HSRs and the workers they represent.

What is a work group?

A work group is a group of workers with similar health and safety concerns and conditions. Work groups have been determined with reference to organisational structure, the number of workers, work locations and work health and safety risk profiles.

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What is the definition of a worker?

A worker is any person who performs work for or on behalf of the University. Examples include: employees, contractors, research students or volunteers.

Nominations for University Health & Safety Representatives

Every three years the University holds nominations for HSRs. The current term of office for HSRs ends on 31 December 2020. Safety Health and Wellbeing will call for HSR nominations for the next three year term (1 January 2018 to 31 December 2020).

Workers are entitled to elect a HSR for their work group at any time if there is a vacancy. Safety Health & Wellbeing will coordinate the nomination and election process.

Who can be a HSR?

Any staff member is eligible to be elected as HSR for their work group except for a Local safety officer. A Local safety officer (LSO) is not eligible as they are already appointed by a Head of School or Head of Administrative area to support implementation of the safety management system. The HSR is elected by their fellow workers to act independently of management. The HSR and LSO from the same workgroup should meet regularly and work together.

What if I don't have a HSR?

The election of a HSR by workers in a work group is optional. If workers consider that their work health and safety concerns are adequately addressed via other means eg. through their usual line of management, then there is no requirement to elect a HSR.

If you think that your work group would benefit from having a HSR, think about nominating yourself or talking to other staff who you think might be appropriate for the role.