Local safety appointments

A "head of department" may appoint workers to fill local safety roles, as follows, to assist with the local management of health and safety. Such appointments should be made in agreement with the nominated workers.

Departmental safety officers

A departmental safety officer would typically:

  • assist with promoting work health and safety (WHS) awareness
  • advise on WHS problems if competent to do so, or obtain advice from Safety Health & Wellbeing
  • provide information to staff and students on WHS hazards associated with their work
  • bring unresolved WHS issues to the attention of the relevant head
  • assist in investigating significant injuries and incidents; and
  • help to resolve issues in line with the Work Health and Safety Policy 2012 and Work Health and Safety Procedures.

The appointment of a departmental safety officer does not diminish the WHS responsibility of the relevant head of department, however it does allow for delegation of some WHS related activities. Sufficient time should be allowed for departmental safety officers to attend to these WHS matters.

Chief wardens

The chief warden will be responsible for developing and maintaining local emergency procedures for the building, in accordance with the University's emergency management framework.

Chief wardens are eligible to receive a performance bonus payment for fulfilment of their duties in accordance with the Chief Warden Performance Bonus Policy.

Nominated first aid officers

A "nominated first aid officer" is responsible for providing first aid services for people in the building and possibly for others nearby.

The number and location of nominated first aid officers is determined with consideration for the risk profile and number of occupants of the building.

Nominated first aid officers are eligible to receive a salary loading in accordance with the University's Enterprise Agreement.