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Level 2,

Services Building G12

Level 2

22 Codrington Street

University of Sydney  NSW 2006

Tel: 9351 5555
Free:1800 550 105


Safety Health & Wellbeing Leadership



Contact for:


Julia Cohen

Strategy, governance, reporting and systems development.

Manager, Work Health & Safety Services Matthew Mitchell Safety management system development, tools, resources and support services.
Manager, Staff Health Support Justine Sarin

Workers compensation and injury management.

Operations and Project Manager Tessie Phan Operational support for Safety Health & Wellbeing and coordination of SHW group projects such as the Mentally Healthy Workplace strategy.

WHS Adviser & Staff Health Support contacts

Client groups (academic) Sub-units WHS Adviser Health Support Coordinator
Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

School of Education and Social Work

School of Economics

School of Languages and Culture

School of Philosophical & Historical Inquiry

School of Social and Political Sciences

School of Literature Arts and Media

Maria Nicolaou Ali Wilson
Faculty of Engineering and IT

School of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

School of Civil Engineering

School of Electrical and Information Engineering

School of Information Technology

School of Aeronautical, Mechanical & Mechatronic Engineering (including ACFR)

Steve Marker Adrian Cuenca
Faculty of Medicine & Health 

Sydney Medical School

Sydney Nursing School

Sydney Dental School

Sydney Pharmacy School

School of Medical Sciences

School of Public Health

Clinical Schools


Colin Chua James Parsons 
Faculty of Health Sciences    Colin Chua  James Parsons 
Faculty of Science 

School of Veterinary Science

Sydney Institute of Agriculture

School of Chemistry

School of Geosciences

History & Philosophy of Science

School of Life & Environmental Sciences

School of Mathematics and Statistics

School of Physics

School of Psychology 

Ashmeeta Kumar  Adrian Cuenca
Sydney Business School    Maria Nicolaou James Parsons 
Sydney School of Architecture Design & Planning    Steve Marker  Ali Wilson 
Sydney Conservatorium of Music    Steve Marker  Ali Wilson 
Sydney Law School    Maria Nicolaou Ali Wilson 
Client groups (professional) Sub-unit WHS Adviser Health Support Coordinator

Higher Education Policy

University Secretariat

VC Office

Culture Strategy

Maria Nicolaou  James Parsons
Provost and DVC 


University Libraries 

Maria Nicolaou  Adrian Cuenca
Provost and DVC

Centre for Continuing Education

Institutional Analytics & Planning 

University-wide centres

Maria Nicolaou Ali Wilson
DVC Research    Maria Nicolaou  Ali Wilson 
DVC Research

Charles Perkins Centre

Brain & Mind Centre

Ashmeeta Kumar 

Adrian Cuenca

DVC Research

Sydney Nano Institute

Core Research Facilities

Lab Animal Services

Steve Marker  Ali Wilson
DVC Education  including Student Support Services  Maria Nicolaou  James Parsons 
DVC Indigenous Strategy and Services    Maria Nicolaou  Ali Wilson 
General Counsel    Maria Nicolaou  James Parsons 
VP Operations 

Campus Infrastructure Services

Information & Communication Techology 

Maria Nicolaou   Adrian Cuenca 
VP Operations  


Maria Nicolaou   Ali Wilson 
VP Operations  

Human Resources 

Student Administration Services 

Maria Nicolaou   James Parsons 
VP Operations

Risk Management 

Maria Nicolaou Ali Wilson
VP Advancement


Maria Nicolaou Ali Wilson
VP External Relations


Maria Nicolaou Ali Wilson
VP Strategy


Maria Nicolaou James Parsons

Wellbeing Services



Contact for:

Wellbeing Coordinator

Fiona Wolfenden

University wide wellbeing activities such as Healthy Minds workshops, mindfulness, staff flu vaccinations, Happy Body At Work (HBAW) and Global Challenge (GC).

Work Health & Safety Specialist Services



Contact for:

Work Health & Safety Specialist (Biosafety)

Mon, Thurs, Fri

Jenny Thomson

Biosafety & gene technology advice and review of OGTR project applications.

Supports the University's Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC).

Work Health & Safety Specialist (Chemical)

Sandra Chapman

Chemical safety advice, training, regulartory notifications and chemical information systems.

Work Health & Safety Specialist (Laboratory safety & compliance)

Mon to Thur

Davorka Bilic

Laboratory safety advice, OGTR certified PC2 inspections and certifications.

Work Health & Safety Specialist (WHS Auditing & Machinery Safety) Colin Chua

WHS Auditing and machinery safety (workshops and farms).

Work Health & Safety Specialist (Radiation Safety) Felix Werner

Radiation safety licensing and registration, training, review of research projects involving radiation and facility design.

Supports the University's Radiation Safety Committee (RSC).