In most University buildings local emergency procedures are maintained under the direction of a chief warden. Below is a list of current chief wardens.

The chief warden is appointed by the relevant head of school or administrative unit. In buildings with multiple tenants, the chief warden will generally be appointed by the head of the school or administrative unit with largest number of staff occupying the building.

University staff, students and affiliates are encouraged to contact the relevant chief warden if they are seeking information about the emergency procedures for a particular building.

Small buildings with few occupants will not have a chief warden. These buildings are under the direct control of the supervisor or manager in charge of the area.

For further information contact Work Health & Safety Services

Building Code  Building Name  Chief Warden CWPB Tier 


Social Sciences

Jianyang Sun



R.D. Watt

John Gregory







Holme & Footbridge Theatre 

University of Sydney Union

Jason Denne



Edgeworth David

Nathan Lo



Macleay and Botany Annex

Rhiarn Horban



Main Quadrangle




Pharmacy and Bank

Sarah Cui 







Brennan MacCallum

Jennifer Dowling



Griffith Taylor

Nenad Petkovski



John Woolley

Maria Barbagello



Wallace Theatre




Old Teachers College




Manning House

University of Sydney Union

Jason Denne


A26 R.C. Mills Building


A27 Edward Ford

Robert Pearce

A28/29 Physics

David Beech

A30  Arena Sports Centre 

Sydney Sport & Fitness

Paul Reynolds

A31 Sydney Nanoscience Hub

Steven McCutcheon

A35/36  Education

 Nathan Allan 

B01 J.D. Stewart 

Gavin Burland

B10 Evelyn Williams

Kathryn Barnett

B14 McMaster Building  

George Tsoukalas 

B19  R.M.C. Gunn 

Alex Chaves

B22  Veterinary Science Conference Centre  Ines Borovic    1
C01 J.L. Shute Rajesh Bangur    2
C01E General Teaching Building, Camden

Stefan Zielonko

C01F Wildlife Health & Conservation Centre Vacant   1
C02F Centre for Carbon, Water and Food

Erin Lockhart

C03 May Farm Vacant  1
C04  M.C. Franklin  Vacant  1
C05 Nepean Hall

Stefan Zielonko

C07 Corstorphine Farm  Vacant  1
C08 University Veterinary Clinic, Camden Kathy Brammall    2
C26C Nepean Clinical School Kay Dunville  1
C37A Shepherd Centre Julie Colfer  N/A
C41 Conservatorium of Music  Jarrad Salmon
C43A Cumberland-Building A Sasha Cohen  1
C43B Cumberland-Building B Santino Di Bartolo  1
C43C Cumberland-Building C Paul Watson  
 C43E Cumberland-Building E Security Officer   
 C43F Cumberland-Building F Craig McCready   
C43H Cumblerland-Building H Alycia Fong Yan   1
C43J Cumberland-Building J Jolie Chantharath   1
C43K Cumberland-Building K Cristian Alegria  1
C43L  Cumberland-Buildings L  Craig McCready   2
C43M/N   Cumberland-Building M/N  Guy Wilson   
C43O  Cumberland-Building O John Greco   
C43R Cumberland Building R  Julie Pratt  1
C43S Cumberland-Building S  Simone Drizos  1
C43T  Cumberland-Building T Imelda Noti  1
C44/C45/C49 Plant Breeding Institute, Cobbitty  Matthew Williams    2 
C81 Biomedical Building (ATP)

 Adriana Hoxha

D01 Buce Williams Pavillion (The Grandstand)

Sydney Uni Sport & Fitness

Luke Mitchell, Ph. 0416 210 114  

D04 Bosh Lecture Theatres  Security Patrol - Inquiries Ph. 9351 3487 Emergency Ph. 9351 3333    N/A
D05 Bosch Vacant  1
D06 Blackburn  Vacant  2
D17 Charles Perkins Centre Hub Michael Milne  
E10A-H, J-L School of Rural Health, Dubbo Timothy Barnes 1
E11 M School of Rural Health, Orange

Robert Shaw 

E12 Plant Breeding Institute, Narrabri Kedar Adhikari  2
E24 Arthursleigh Farm, Marulan Stephen Burgun   N/A

UCRH Lismore

Nathan Pek  1
F02 Baxter's Lodge Niki Flame  N/A
F03/04 Fisher Library

Brett Stanford

F07 Carslaw Jacqueline Dircks  2
F09 Madsen

Paul Fitzgerald

F10/F10A Law 

Andrew Netherington

F11 Chemistry

Gemma Thompson 

F12 Transient Vacant  1
F13 Anderson Stuart

Adel Mitry 

F19 Eastern Avenue Auditorium Security Patrol - Inquiries Ph. 9351 3487 Emergency Ph. 9351 3333   N/A

Rashid Idris

G01 Wentworth 

University of Sydney Union

Jason Denne

G02 Jane Foss Russell Chad Davis  2
G04 Wilkinson Matthew Storey  1
G06 International House Bradley Kunda  2
G08 Biochemistry & Microbiology Keith Rippon  2
G09 Sports & Aquatic Centre

Sydney Uni Sport & Fitness

Mark McLennan

G12 Services David Dunn  1
H03/H03A/H10 Institute/Storie Dixon

Damien Burns

Merewether Vacant  1
Codrington Agnese Florio  1
H70  Abercrombie   Alison Suttie 2
H73 378 Abercrombie St  Andrew Collins  1
Chemical Engineering Jeffrey Shi  2
J02 P.N.R. Vladimir Vladimirov   1
J03 Electrical Engineering Swamidoss Sathiakumar  1
J04 Rose Street Matthew Geier  1
J05/06 Civil & Mining Engineering Todd Budrodeen  1
J07/J011 Mechanical & Aeronautical Engineering Rod Fiford  2
J09 Seymour Centre Vacant  2
School of Information Technologies Greg Ryan  1
J13 Engineering Link Gurvinder Singh  1
J17  Informatics Hub Madhura Killedar  1
J18  Little Queen Street Building Andrew Hill   1
J19  Abercrombie Street Building Jeremy Randle   1
K01 Mackie Vacant  1
K06 1 Ross Street

Melanie Leshetz

K06A 21 Ross Street

Margaret Gardot



Margaret Telfer

Nevan Edge

K25 Medical Foundation

Sarah Walsh

K25 Annex Boden Institute

 Jay Sian Young Lee 

K26 431 Glebe Pt Road Vacant  N/A
L03F Darling Building Cherilyn Price   1
M02A-D Mallet Street Buildings A, B, C & D Neil Holden      1
M02F-K Mallet Street Building F, G,H.K Andrew Humphries      2
N01 Sydney College of the Arts (Rozelle Campus) Isobel Markus-Dunworth  2