Many of the chemicals we work with in University teaching and research activities can be harmful to our health if we are exposed to them. Some chemicals pose an immediate risk of serious incidents or injury when not handled properly. There are also specific legislative requirements for working with hazardous chemicals.


The University has established minimum performance standards to ensure that University faculties, schools, research institutes and individual research groups apply a consistent approach to manage chemical risks associated with University activities. Compliance with performance standards is compulsory.
These chemical safety standards give effect to the Work Health & Safety Policy. Compliance with these performance standards also assists the University to meet the specific requirements of the NSW Work Health & Safety Act and Regulation 2011.


These performance standards apply to all staff, students, affiliates and contractors, and all activities conducted by or on behalf of the University. These performance standards do not apply to work with radioactive or biological substances.

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Safety Health & Wellbeing acknowledges that the University carries out a broad range of activities and supports the application of a practical and risk-based approach to safety. If you are unsure how to comply with the chemical safety standards, please contact your WHS Adviser.