This section of the website provides information onr the use of pesticides in and around University buildings, based on current legislative requirements and advice from the relevant regulatory bodies.

All pest control operators employed in the University need to be licensed under the Pest Control Licensing Regulation.

The affected department is required to notify Work Health & Safety Services (WHS Services) of the infestation. Information required includes: building, contact person's name, department, phone number and room number.

WHS Services will make contact with the pest control agency and ensure it is informed of the requirements of the University regarding pesticide applications on University premises.

After authorisation by the appropriate person , the pest controller will:

  • contact the authorised officer of the department concerned
  • confirm the information detailed above
  • arrange for an inspection to determine the location, severity and extent of infestation
  • advise on type of pesticide to be used and provide details of any restrictions or precautions that should be observed including visible dusts; time span for pesticides to have full effect; whether application needs to be done outside ordinary working hours; and
    any other special considerations.
  • describe the process and materials to be used
  • request the authorised officer of the department to arrange relocation of those staff who may be adversely effected by exposures
  • determine the date of treatment with the authorised officer of the department and advise WHS of the date.

The pest controller is to prominently display a notice at all entrances to the treatment area ie "Warning: pesticides being applied in this area".