The University's Occupational Injury, Illness and Incident Report Form will be used for reporting incidents as per the University's Policy on Accident Reporting.

All unusual incidents, unexpected hazards, accidents and injuries will be reported as soon as possible to the relevant Departmental Fieldwork Safety Officer (who will report to the Head of Department as required in that Department or Unit) and to the Risk Management Office. Where injuries occur or there are mechanical breakdowns or accidents which affect completion of the work, safe return of staff or students, or endanger life, these must be reported verbally as soon as practical to the contacts at the University or home (see Section 4.5). Less serious events shall be reported to the Departmental Fieldwork Safety Officer on return to the Department.

All incidents, hazards, injuries and breakdowns must be investigated by the person leading the fieldwork and the other people involved to determine the causes and any actions that may be taken to prevent a recurrence of the incident.

When an event occurs which affects work or future work, a debriefing must be held soon after the return of the fieldwork party, in accordance with procedures developed by the Department. The debriefing should cover issues such as the adequacy of the planning, risk assessment and preparation for the trip, any incidents which occurred and how they were managed and any lessons learned which could benefit future trips by members of the Department concerned or other Departments. Records kept of the debriefings will be of value when the Department is audited.